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  • OGM : environnement, santé et politique
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Le propriétaire de ce site ne dit pas si les OGM c’est bien ou mal, s’il faut en manger ou pas. Il n'est payé ni par Monsanto, ni par Carrefour, ni par Greenpeace... (lire la suite).    ENGLISH VERSION uk-flag                                                    




couvMarcel Kuntz est biologiste, directeur de recherche au CNRS dans le laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire Végétale et enseignant à l’Université Grenoble-Alpes, ses seules sources de revenus.

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2 mai 2012 3 02 /05 /mai /2012 19:05


uk-flagGMOs: ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH and POLITICS  (updated Sept 2016)


Scientific assessments of GMOs

Challenges facing European agriculture and possible biotechnological Solutions

A. Ricroch, W. Harwood, Z. Svobodová, L. Sági, P. Hundleby, E.M. Badea, I. Rosca, G. Cruz, M.P. Salema Fevereiro, V. Marfà Riera, S. Jansson, P. Morandini, B. Bojinov, S. Cetiner, R. Custers, U. Schrader, H-J. Jacobsen, J. Martin-Laffon, A. Boisron, M. Kuntz
Critical Reviews in Biotechnology


Looking back at safety assessment of GM food/feed: an exhaustive review of 90-day animal feeding studies.  Agnès E. Ricroch, Audrey Boisron, Marcel Kuntz 
International Journal of Biotechnology, vol.13 (4)


Plant BiotechPlant Biotechnology. Experience and Future Prospects.

Agnes Ricrock, Surinder Chopra, Shelby Fleischer (Eds.). Springer 2014.

284 pages written by 34 authors, including William D. Dar (DG of ICRISAT), Robert S. Zeigler (IRRI), C Juma (Harvard) and a foreword by Bruce MacPheron (Dean of Ohio State Univ.). e-book available.



Chap. 9. Is it possible to overcome the GMO controversy? Some elements from a philosophical perspective. M. Kuntz




Ricroch AE, Bernheim A, Snell C, Pascal G, Paris A and Kuntz M (2013) Long-term and multigenerational animal feeding studies. In Animal nutrition with transgenic plants (Flachowsky G, ed.) CABI biotechnology series,  pp. 112-129  

Ricroch AE and Kuntz M (2013) Evaluation of genetically engineered crops using proteomics. In: Proteomics in Food. Principles and applications (Toldra F. and Nollet LML., eds) Springer, pp.503-514

Is it Time to Adjust the Current Regulatory Risk Assessment for GM Food and Feed?
M. Kuntz & A. Ricroch, ISB News Report , Feb. 2012)
No long term effects of GM diets (by C. Snell, A. Bernheim, JB. Bergé, M. Kuntz, G. Pascal, A. Paris, A. Ricroch, Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2012)

GM food safety confirmed by large scale profiling (by A. Ricroch, JB.  Bergé & M. Kuntz, Plant Physiology, 2011)

Many women, no CRY: on false allegations on GMO CRY protein in women's blood


Political mistreatment of scientific data by European governments

The GMO case in France: Politics, lawlessness and postmodernism. GM Crops & Food 5:3, 163-169; July/August/September 2014

France fails science test (by M. Kuntz, John Davison & Agnes E. Ricroch. Cosmos Magazine February 2014)

MON810 ban cancelled in August 2013 : an Open Letter of French scientists to government 

Who wrote the Emergency Measures Document for the GMO MON810 maize? (by John Davison)

What the French ban of Bt MON810 maize means for science-based risk assessment (by Marcel Kuntz,John Davison & Agnès E Ricroch, Nature Biotechnology, June 2013

Is the Suspension of MON810 Maize Cultivation by Some European Countries Scientifically Justified? (by A. Ricroch, JB. Bergé & M. Kuntz,  ISB News Report, Apr. 2010)

Is the German suspension of MON810 maize cultivation scientifically justified? (by A. Ricroch, JB. Bergé & M. Kuntz, Transgenic Research, 2010)

How German and French governments have deliberately commissioned biased reports 

The circumstances surrounding the French Government’s decision to ban MON810


Postmodernist ideology and GMO opponents' strategies analyzed

Science and Postmodernism: From Right-Thinking to Soft-Despotism. Trends in Biotechnology, 35(4) April 2017, 283-285  NEW PUBLICATION

Precaution: Risks of public participation. Science  355 (6325), p.590, February 9, (2017) NEW PUBLICATION  

Scientists should oppose the drive of postmodern ideologyTrends in Biotechnology (2016)

 “Parallel science” of NGO advocacy groups: How post-modernism encourages pseudo-science. (article published by Genetic Literacy project) 

The spread of parallel “science”: the example of the journal (Environmental Sciences Europe) chosen by Séralini to republish his retracted paper.

The postmodern assault on science. If all truths are equal, who cares what science has to say? (published by EMBO Reports).

Why the postmodern attitude towards science should be denounced (published by EMBO Reports)


A European Environment Agency report infiltrated by 'green' ideology 

Destruction of public and governmental experiments of GMO in Europe (GM Crops & Food, 2012)

Science and false science (environmentalists creating their own parallel "science")

Anti-GMO vandalism against academic laboratories

"Hidden GMOs" : anti-GMO campaigners change target but not strategy 




Coexistence or ideological confrontation?

Honey-free Europe (by John Davison)

Commissioner John Dalli's GM-crop Non-Coexistence Proposals (by John Davison)



Editing EU legislation to fit plant genome editing. EMBO Reports, online Sept. 14th, 2016

(by A. Ricroch, K. Ammann, M. Kuntz)   NEW PUBLICATION

Decades-old GMO regulation unfit for 21st century (article in Euractiv with K. Ammann)
European GMO regulation needs to be rethought from scratch
(article in The Parliament Magazine)


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